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With the increasing issue on fake products globally, authenticity is questioned with safety as a major concern.

With more than 100 years of experience in paediatric nutrition, Enfagrow A+ is the No. 1 milk formula brand in the world*, which is important for a child’s mental and physical development. Available on a wide range of product lines made with highest quality standards in the world, be assured then freshness & quality is paramount to them.

Unique Selling Points:

- Customers can shop directly from manufacturer
- Freshness guarantee in every delivery as we have processes in place to ensure that validity is more than 6 months.
- Express delivery available
- Exclusive promotions
- Exclusive Products (coming soon)

Policy & Terms:

Commission will not be awarded for sales relating to Stage 1 and 2 products

1. Affiliate warrants that it will comply with the country milk code regulations in Singapore in all marketing activities undertaken as part of MJN’s engagement with Collinson (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

2. Affiliate undertakes that it will ensure all communication are compliant with the local regulations related to marketing of infant milk products. Affiliate understands that the code may be updated, and will take reference from materials found on website of the local regulatory body. Specifically,
Singapore: The Sale of Infant Foods Ethics Committee Singapore (SIFECS) Code of Ethics

3. Prior to each campaign, the Company will provide working files of visuals and copy, and Affiliate would ensure that it will adapt from materials provided. In cases where Affiliate choose to create its own visuals and copy, prior approval from the Company is required before communication goes live. The Company is not liable for any penalty resulting from non-compliance of the milk codes by affiliates, and Affiliate agrees that any penalty resulting from non-compliance will be borne by the Affiliate.

a. Affiliate agrees to be compliant on the below key points across the markets:

• Singapore: Enfagrow A+ Stage 1 products (all Enfamil products) are not to be promoted in any way, including giving rebates to consumers.
• Where images of toddlers is used, images must represents toddlers of at least 1 year old. As a guide, only visual displaying babies with teeth is allowed.
• Products are not to be promoted to parents with children below age of 12 months.

b. Affiliate agrees to ensure the respective market affiliates states on their communications at all time,
• Singapore: “Promotions are not applicable to all Enfamil A+ Stage 1 products on the Enfagrow Singapore official store.”

c. Affiliate may be liable to compensate Company for penalties imposed upon the Company arising from non-compliance to this agreement.