Lunchbox Diet (by Gifted.PH)

Diet food doesn’t have to taste bland! With Lunchbox Diet, portion-controlled breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks, are prepared using quality ingredients and thoughtful cooking methods. We make sure that each dish comes out not only packed with nutrients but also amazingly flavorful you won’t even feel you’re on a diet! Lunchbox Diet delivers your healthy & delicious meals directly to your home or office Who is this Gift for? Gifted Lunchbox Diet gift certificates are perfect for those who want to lose or maintain their weight. It is ideal for those who are too busy to make their own healthy meals, those who are after convenience and variety in daily meals. The best part? There is a new menu every week and you have the option for “same-day-delivery” or “day-before-delivery”. Buy this Lunchbox Diet Gift Certificate today and make it easy to eat healthy for your family and friends! For more information about Lunchbox Diet’s Low-Carb Lunchboxes, visit

Redemption Type: Via Email/Phone

Terms & Conditions:
- LunchBox Diet can only be redeemed by customers whose delivery addresses are in Metro Manila and some parts of Rizal.
- For a complete reference of delivery locations, customers should refer first to
- LunchBox Diet can only accommodate special delivery and meal content requests depending on volume of orders in the area and for the week.
- These special requests will entail additional costs if LunchBox Diet is able to accommodate them.

Note: Upon signing up for this program, you will be an affiliate for where customers can make a purchase for LunchBox Diet gift certificates through their website.