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Bespoke Skincare & Treatments Born Of A Doctor’s Experience

DrGL.com offers a range of bespoke skincare and treatments by Dr Georgia Lee. The proprietary skincare range infuses science into effective skincare. Shop from an extensive range that includes cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, sun protection and makeup that is dedicated to different skin types. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL® offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

As a boutique brand, Dr Lee is involved at every stage of DrGL® product development, from formula to manufacturing and packaging, always striving for the highest standards. Never one to settle for less than the best, Dr Lee brings this same demanding approach to DrGL®. Maximum efficacy is ensured with the use of top-of-the-range ingredients, a choice that surprised even her suppliers who advised that cheaper mass alternatives could provide almost the same effects; but for Dr Lee, almost is simply not good enough. With the aim to produce high quality products, manufacturers are sought out based on similar standards, ensuring that the purity of the products is never compromised at any stage.

Just like DrGL® products which infuse science into skincare for maximum efficacy, the same can be expected of DrSpa® and DrHair® treatments. Following thorough research and development by Dr Georgia Lee and therapist training and management by Dr Eileen Lee, DrSpa® and DrHair® are regarded with the seal of doctor’s approval. Book now at DrGL.com for face, body and hair treatments that will not only transport you to a state of bliss; enjoy visible results – from the very first visit.

Most gratifyingly, our brands have received rave reviews and more importantly, have made a difference to its users. Since inception, they have won critical acclaim and recognition amongst beauty insiders.
DrGL.com aims to bring Dr Lee’s “less is more” philosophy to a fuss-free online shopping experience. Delivering internationally for customers to get their DrGL® fix, each skincare product comes with product details, ingredients and instructions on how to use the products for maximum efficacy. Fresh content including lifestyle and beauty tips by Dr Lee is available onsite regularly to excite and entertain.
Discover now why beauty insiders swear by our products and treatments.