Priority Pass

Note: Chinese versions of this program are available for Chinese-speaking affiliates to promote. Kindly contact us for more details.

Priority Pass is the original and market leading airport experiences program. It provides discerning frequent travelers with access to over 1,300 airport experiences in more than 600 cities across 148 countries, including lounges and access to a growing number of airport dining, retail and spa offerings worldwide that can be accessed in the same way as lounges. Using the Priority Pass app for iOS and Android, Members can quickly and easily discover locations welcoming Priority Pass, instantly check their visit entitlement and use their Digital Membership Card to access lounges.

Priority Pass is operated by Collinson, a global loyalty and benefits company. With unique insight into high earning, frequent travellers, we craft customer experiences which enable some of the world's best known brands to acquire, engage and retain the most demanding and choice-rich customers. Collinson has more than 30 years' experience working with the world's leading payment networks, over 600 banks, 90 airlines and 20 hotel groups in 170 countries to create loyalty, deliver smarter travel experiences, and protect and assist their customers in times of need.

Members can get rewards easily by generating online application of new priority Pass Membership and complete payment.

Priority Pass 為全球忠誠度和福利公司 Collinson 的旗下業務,是市場領先的原創機場體驗計劃。該計劃讓富有品位的飛行常客能夠在148個國家的600多個城市獲得超過1,300個機場體驗,包括間貴賓室以及在全球計劃內以享用貴賓室方式類同的的餐飲、零售和 Spa 水療服務亦不斷增加。透過使用 iOS 和安卓 (Android) 版本的 Priority Pass 應用程式,會員可以迅速輕鬆發現歡迎使用 Priority Pass 的地方,立刻查看他們的尊享禮遇,及可使用其電子會員卡 (Digital Membership Card) 以進入貴賓室享用服務。

Priority Pass 提供三個會籍計劃折扣優惠及相關的廣告物料支持,會員們只要帶來新的Priority Pass線上註冊會員及完成交易就可以輕易地獲取佣金

Priority Pass 为全球忠诚度和福利公司 Collinson 的旗下业,是市场领先的原创机场体验计划。该计划让富有品位的飞行常客能够在148个国家的600多个城市获得超过1,300个机场体验,包括贵宾室以及在全球计划内以享用贵宾室方式类同的的餐饮、零售和 Spa 水疗服务亦不断增加。透过使用 iOS 和安卓 (Android) 版本的 Priority Pass 应用程式,会员可以迅速轻松发现欢迎使用 Priority Pass 的地方,立刻查看他们的尊享礼遇,及可使用其电子会员卡 (Digital Membership Card) 以进入贵宾室享用服务。

Priority Pass 提供三个会籍计划折扣优惠及相关的广告物料支持,会员们只要带来新的Priority Pass线上注册会员及完成交易就可以轻易地获取佣金